Uploaded by David Israel on 2017-04-14.

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David is such a wonderful and great host and tour guide!! 
He will show you many, many shoot locations of the tv show that you will be shocked and impressed in a good way!! He'll even bring the Twin Peaks sign, fun trivia questions, know a whole lot of show, and may bring even a surprise! Get to eat at the Twede's Restaurant, get your cherry pie fix, and set off an adventure with some Twin Peaks soundtrack while on the route to the tour locations!! 
Great buy! BARGAIN!!! Recommend it!! Had lots of fun!! 4 hour tour!! 
Was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Don't regret it at all!! Every second is worth it!! 
Get it while he's still doing this tour!! 
He's even nice enough to offer a ride!! Who does that?!?!?!?!
I went as a solo traveler and I felt totally safe!!
Book your TICKET(S) NOW!!!

-Virginia Lopez

Fantastic tour going to multiple locations for Peakies. I can't wait to come back and have another slice of cherry pie and coffee.

-Kate Rushton

We had a BLAST on the Twin Peaks tour! Like us, David is a Twin Peaks / Lynch superfan. The tour is personal and fun, and along with tons of stops and photo ops, David provides fun facts, trivia, surprises, and of course the iconic soundtrack! Highly recommended. Damn fine tour!

-Etai Benson

Must do for every Twin Peaks fan! Loved it! Thanks again David!

-Mirthe Weening


Such a great experience! He knows all the hidden spots and areas you won't find on another tour or by trying to figure it out on your own. Very informative and just a wonderful scenic drive! I'll probably go again after the new season finishes! Would highly recommend.

-Bonny Heather


Huge Twin Peaks fan. This was the best tour I have ever taken. David was a great tour guide and knows all of the fillming locations in the area. Everything about the tour was perfect. If you are a fan of Twin Peaks and or David Lynch, you do not want to pass up this tour! Thanks for all the great photos and the unforgetable memories!!

-Amber McCann, Seattle, WA


It's been said that when Twin Peaks first aired, the face of television was forever changed. When you have that kind of cultural impact, it would be nice to experience it in real life.
Being a fan for 25 years, I have wanted to see the locations and FINALLY someone has come along and offers an incredible tour at a great price. 
It's one thing to see the sites, it's another to see them with someone who has grown up in the area and has a passion for all things David Lynch and Twin Peaks.
Cannot recommend highly enough!!!

-Jo H., Evenston, IL


Great tour!   David's combination of sincere fandom, local knowledge and charismatic personality made for an exciting trip that kept our attention peaked (pun intended) for the entire four hour fan-venture.   Highly recommended for casual and especially die hard Twin Peaks fans.

-Jonthan O., Colorado Springs, CO


First time in Seattle and I was lucky to find this site. Highly recommended! I had a great time. David was an excellent tour guide and made the entire experience unforgettable. Extremely professional and super friendly.  He presents the tour from a real fan's perspective.  He even played the tv show soundtrack along the route. Please support this company. They are doing it right!!

-N.A., Chicago, IL


Twin Peaks Tour was one of the best tours I have ever taken! David picked up me and my friends at a hotel in Seattle and off we went. Listening to the soundtrack he plays of David Lynch music really puts you in the mood for the trip. We had never been to Seattle before and I would highly recommend this tour to any and all David Lynch/Twin Peaks fans. Our tour guide, David, was very smart and knowledgeable about all of the filming locations and I must say, a very nice person as well. He gave us information about all of the locations that we had no idea of previously, helped us take GREAT photos and has a flair for getting us access into areas that I believe not everyone who takes tours is used to. Without spoiling the upcoming Twin Peaks on Showtime, he even gave us a little insight into what to expect for the new series! The entire tour was magical and beautiful and David made us feel like we were actually in the real Twin Peaks. Keep up the good work Twin Peaks Tour and we will absolutely be spreading the word to everyone that this is without a doubt the tour to take! Thanks a million for all the great memories!


If you're a fellow Twin Peaks fan you will LOVE it here. Pro tip: Ask him about a tour around the film sites for the upcoming show!!

-Alyssa Danley


David took us on a day trip to Snoqualmie Falls... BEST Twin Peaks experience ever!! Twin Peaks fans take note!!

-Caroline Beach