Book The Tour

To book your Twin Peaks Tour contact David by phone or email.

Phone: (206) 723-5201


Tour Options 1&2  $110.00 per person, $145.00 if you are a solo traveler.

Tour Option 3  $195.00 per person, $225.00 if you are a solo traveler.

No minimum number of people required for Tour Options 1,2&3 however, these are primarily private tours. 1 or 2 groups at most.

Pick up and drop off locations

If you are staying in Downtown Seattle the Pick up/Drop off location is at 170 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104. If you are staying outside of Downtown Seattle, depending on your location will determine your Pick up/Drop off location.

To expedite your booking, please answer the following questions in your email.

The tour usually starts at 10 AM depending on where you are staying. There is no down payment necessary.

The information I'll need from you is,

1)How many in your group?

2) Where are you staying?

3) Which tour option you would like?

4) Do you prefer to pay in cash or with a credit card? I do prefer cash, however cards are no problem at all. There is no down payment necessary.

If you would rather pay with a credit card, I can email an invoice via PayPal however with PayPal payments I ask that the buyer pay the PayPal fee's. Though the fee's are minimal, no one likes fee's! 

So, if you have Apple Pay or Venmo, there are no additional fee's or taxes. If you have either of these payment options available to you, my Apple Pay info is 2067235201 and my Venmo info is David-Israel-1. If you don't have those options let me know and I'll email an invoice via PayPal.

5)The approximate weight and height of everyone in the group?

The reason for this information is to determine how many people can comfortably join the tour. The tour vehicle is a Chevy Suburban which can fit 6 passengers comfortably depending on weight and height.

6) How did you hear about, or where did you find the Twin Peaks Tour?

I look forward to hearing from you and taking you to the wonderful and strange world that is Twin Peaks!
-David Israel, Owner and Operator, Twin Peaks Tour

(206) 723-5201