The Picnic Spot:

This is Laura, Donna, and James' favorite picnic spot. It is now called Snoqualmie Point Park. This location was used for several scenes in Twin Peaks.

Twede’s cafe, aka The Double R Diner:

Twede's Cafe, (The Double R Diner) in North Bend, WA.
"This is where pies must go when they die!"

The Jailhouse:

The jail scenes in Twin Peaks were filmed across the street from the Double R Diner.


The traffic light seen changing from red to green in many episodes is located between the jailhouse and the Double R Diner.

Meadowbrook bridge, aka One lane bridge:

This is the bridge seen in the pilot episode that James and Donna travel over after leaving the Roadhouse to bury the half heart necklace. It's true name is the Meadowbrook Bridge.

Ronette's Bridge:

The bridge where Ronette Pulaski is found wandering down the train tracks after she narrowly escapes from the killer.

Sparkwood & 21:

On the night of her murder, Laura jumps off of James' bike and screams that she loves him at this dark bend in the road.

Twin Peaks Sign:

This is the location where the Welcome To Twin Peaks sign stood for the intro to the show. I am very excited to let you know that the city of Snoqualmie has just installed as of May 31st 2017, a permanent Welcome To Twin Peaks sign! UPDATE: Unfortunately the sign the city installed stood for only a couple of weeks. It was hit by a few cars and subsequently stollen. I guess there is always some ass who has to ruin it for everyone else. However, we at Twin Peaks Tour just may have a surprise for you!

Warehouser mill, aka The packard sawmill:

The sawmill seen in the opening credits is abandoned and a lot of it is gone but there still remains a single smoke stack and some of the manufacturing houses.

DirtFish Rally School, aka The twin peaks sheriff's department:

The Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department is currently home to Dirtfish Rally School.

Mt. Si High School, aka Twin Peaks High School:

Mt. Si High School stood in for Twin Peaks High School.

the gazebo:

The gazebo in Snoqualmie was originally shot for scenes in the pilot but were never used; it served as inspiration for the gazebo in the show. 

Leo and shelly johnson's house

This is the home of Leo and Shelly Johnson. When David Lynch asked the owners if he could use the house for the show, the woman who lived there said of course! I'll clean the place up a bit for you. To which David Lynch replied, NO!! It's perfect the way it is!

The Giant log:

This giant log seen in the opening credits for the show is a 400 year old Douglas Fir.

The Murder TRAIN CAR:

There are still a few of the train cars that were used for the murder scene on the tracks.

the Salish Lodge, aka the great northern hotel:

The Salish Lodge, (The Great Northern) is a beautiful location to visit as it sits atop the Snoqualmie Falls.

the falls:

The Snoqualmie Falls (White Tail Falls) has got to be one of the most iconic and breath taking locations used in the show.

the roadhouse:

Used for exterior shots, The Roadhouse is in fact, The Roadhouse.

The bookhouse:

Located directly behind the Roadhouse is the Bookhouse. The meeting place for the secret society, The Bookhouse Boys.

ed and nadine's house:

Located just across the street from Big Ed's Gas Farm, silent drape runners not included.

big ed's gas farm:

The gas pumps and sign are lost to time however the building is still there. It is actually currently up for rent!