It all started when…
I was 16 years old when Twin Peaks originally aired on our television sets and like the whole world, I was blown away by what I was watching! Back in those days the internet did not exist so every couple of weeks, myself and a few friends would venture to “Twin Peaks” and drive around the town searching for filming locations. Since the internet was not available, this was the only option to discover these wonderful locations. Sure enough, after doing this for several years I found pretty much all there was to find. Good old fashioned leg work!
Flash forward 25+ years, about a year and a half ago I had some friends in town from Germany. One day they did not have any plans and I mentioned that I was going to Snoqualmie falls and that they should come along considering how beautiful and amazing it is to witness. I also said “that is also where they filmed Twin Peaks.” My friends said “We LOVE Twin Peaks!” So I said great! I know all of the filming locations. I’ll show you around!
On the way back to Seattle my friends wife says, “That was amazing! You should do this as a buisness.” I really just brushed the idea off considering the show has had a 25+ year worldwide following and figured there must already be multiple tour companies already providing a Twin Peaks tour.
About a week after they returned to Germany I decided to do some checking on the internet and see what was available tour wise for Twin Peaks fans. To my amazement, there was really nothing! Nothing that was done right anyway! So I decided to build a website and see what if anything would transpire.
Almost overnight I was receiving bookings from all over the world from like minded fans that were thrilled that something like the Twin Peaks tour was finally available. The business has been going strong for over a year now and I LOVE being able to share all of these wonderful and mysterious locations with Twin Peaks fans from all over the globe!

This tour is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Twin Peaks Productions, Inc., David Lynch, CBS or Showtime Networks Inc. or the TWIN PEAKS franchise.